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CAPTCIS appreciates that it can be daunting to navigate through the complexities of international trade and customs issues, especially in the Asia Pacific region where each country jurisdiction is unique in its regulations, interpretations and practices. This is exacerbated with the usual limited in-house resources within businesses, whether in terms of in-house subject matter specialists, bandwidth and / or budget to engage external professional consulting services.

Regardless of the limitations, the international trade and customs issues still have to be managed, cross-border transactions still need to go through on a daily basis and very often CAPTCIS sees them being handled sub-optimally. This sometimes can lead to serious consequences to both company and individuals making the decisions, whether in terms of severe fines, denial of import/export privileges (hence inability to conduct business and generate revenue), reputational damages and even criminal imprisonments. 

Exclusive for its members, CAPTCIS runs a mentorship program to help with the above, where carefully selected industry practitioners in the global and regional Asia Pacific trade / customs / export control compliance space are appointed on a pro-bono basis to listen to the issues encountered by our members and to advise them on the next steps so as to help them make informed decisions. 

The objectives of this mentorship program are to:

  1. Build deep set of technical knowledge and practical experiences for the mentees to help business objectives of their organisations and personal career development; 

  2. Enhance the professional recognition of trade compliance practitioners, especially in the Asia Pacific region;

  3. Build a culture of knowledge and experience sharing between the mentors and mentees to facilitate mutual professional learning 


Come approach our mentors as we all grow the Asia Pacific trade compliance community by sharing our collective technical knowledge and industry experiences!

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