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In order to enhance CAPTCIS’ effectiveness to pursue its various objectives, CAPTCIS has appointed the following Knowledge Partners to develop, run and manage its initiatives as and when necessary. The Knowledge Partners appointed are seasoned international trade practitioners whom are like-minded and passionate in pursuing objectives similar to that of CAPTCIS. They are as follows:   


Global Trade Security Consulting (“GTSC”)

Established since 2014, GTSC is a leading consulting and industry training firm on Asia export controls (aka strategic trade management as it is known in Asia). GTSC has developed an effective system and methodology to assist companies to establish their internal procedures so as to fulfill all strategic trade management requirements particularly for countries in Asia. Through constant interactions with the relevant governing authorities in Asia, GTSC shares practical industry best practices with the business communities so as to enable their businesses operations while being compliant. 




AC Trade Advisory

AC Trade Advisory provides practical, holistic and sustainable advice and solutions to international trade and customs matters faced by our clients, with a strong focus on Asia.


Our international team of trade & customs practitioners have a wealth of experience, having worked in multinational corporations and reputable professional services firms with international portfolios.  With our first-hand knowledge of the dynamic trade and customs landscape, practical know-hows and past working experiences with other functions within companies such as tax, legal and supply chain, we are well-placed to understand our clients’ trade and customs needs and provide real value add to our clients’ business.



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