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Our Mentorship Program is meant to be inclusive and flexible for our CAPTCIS members. 

Prospective mentees can just select from our panel of mentors and contact them directly by messaging them privately on their respective LinkedIn accounts to arrange for a meet-up / call / email. Simple!

After each mentorship session, the mentors will collate the details pertaining to the issues discussed and his/her support on behalf of CAPTCIS for the sole purpose of enhancing the value add from CAPTCIS to its members in terms of the initiatives it runs going forward and better build the international trade community. 


Caveats of our Mentorship program:

  1. The support from the mentors are strictly on a pro-bono basis. Under no circumstances shall the mentors and CAPTCIS be held legally responsible for the subsequent actions taken by the mentee at his / her employer, business or at individual basis as the case may be.

  2. The advice from the mentors will be strictly limited to verbal form and informal email correspondences. In the event that the mentees require a formal and / or more extensive advice, they are recommended to separately seek such support from other professional services firms. 

  3. The mentors and the CAPTCIS Executive Committee reserve the rights to discontinue the mentorship with their mentees at their sole discretion should there be any misuse of the mentorship program.

  4. The mentors reserve the rights to reject mentees’ on the grounds of mismatch of knowledge and experiences of the mentors with respect to the issues raised by the mentees.

  5. For the sole purpose of enhancing the value add from CAPTCIS to its members in terms of the initiatives it runs going forward, information regarding the issues in question and brief descriptions of the support rendered by the mentors will be collected by CAPTCIS on a need-to-know basis. The information collected may be published as CAPTCIS’ collaterals on an aggregate and anonymous basis. In all cases, the data and information shared between the mentors and mentees are to be strictly kept private and confidential under the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore or its equivalent in other jurisdictions. 

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