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The Coming of Age of the International Trade Profession

23 October 2019 at 4:00:00 pm

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Against the global backdrop of prolonged international trade uncertainties, businesses are faced with increasing pressures to re-design their existing global value chain so as to remain viable and stay ahead. What is certain in these uncertain times is that businesses and the team of executives behind are now required to understand international trade laws and industry practices and more critically to apply these understandings in the unique contexts of their respective business. This is so as to identify viable alternative supply chain set-ups, optimize international trade costs through strategic use of free trade agreements and achieve sustainable trade compliance for business continuity.

One key success driver to help businesses achieve this is the savvy use of global trade technology and automation to effectively manage international trade operations. This is increasingly becoming a necessity as international trade transactions now tend to be more complex with more unique permutations and are yet required to be processed with increasingly speed. 

Authorities governing international trade are already adopting trade technology to facilitate legitimate trade while enhancing trade security so as to better drive economic growth in a secure manner. They are also encouraging businesses to similarly keep up and be on top of their international trade profiles and data, either by making the adoption legally mandatory or highly recommended in order to gain greater trade facilitation with lower cost savings and streamlined trade procedures. 

The benefits arising from such adoption of trade technology can only be fully realized with the second key success driver of a team of accomplished international trade practitioners utilising them. For most businesses, finding such practitioners are a challenge and yet becoming critical as international trade agenda is now taking the mainstream narrative in driving business strategies and operations. Most of these practitioners tend to have original roles in supply chain, international tax, legal, manufacturing, corporate affairs etc. and having to undergo steep learning curves as they assist their businesses in their international trade journeys. 

This event aims to bring the community of international trade practitioners together for a day of quality discussions at not just at business level but also at personal career development level about the coming of age of the international trade practitioner in Asia. Facilitated by seasoned presenters, moderators and panelists across different industries in the international trade ecosystem, all with rich industry practitioner and government backgrounds, they will share with participants practical business considerations under such challenging but dynamic international trade environment. 

Don’t miss out the practical insights to be shared at the event of the year for international trade practitioners in Asia! 

The Coming of Age ...

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