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Established since August 2014, CAPTCIS is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that champions awareness, recognition and capacity building of the international trade profession amongst the business community, government authorities and other industry stakeholders in terms of the value that the profession can bring to the international trade ecosystem, especially in the dynamic Asia Pacific region. Such value can come in the form of achieving international trade cost savings, enhancing trade facilitation through shorter lead times and streamlining of trade procedures, promoting trade security and trade compliance for international trade transactions and economies for both the private and public sectors.

For all stakeholders in the international trade ecosystem especially the private sector to properly play their respective roles, it is CAPTCIS’ vision to empower the international trade community with technical knowledge, access to trade regulatory updates and most importantly, practical insights about complex international trade issues which cut across different business functions, industries, organisation sizes and jurisdictions.


As a trusted platform, CAPTCIS also aims to facilitate quality dialogues and sharing of different perspectives between different international trade stakeholders. All these initiatives will allow the stakeholders to make informed international trade decisions and work towards building a multilateral rules-based international trade ecosystem that is secured, business-friendly, open and fair.

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